KP Schedule – Staffing and Scheduling System

Is the KP schedule system free to use? The Kaiser Permanente staffing and scheduling system, also called the “KPSchedule,” is a web-based application that is free to use by authorized users. Sign in to your KP staffing portal to manage your account, access your schedules (date, time, and hours), request time off, swipe shifts, and integrate with the calendar and other tools.

Are you new to Kaiser Permanente? Are you worried about your schedule? Calm down, guys. The KP scheduling and staffing website helps both new and old employees check their schedules and receive the best possible service.

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. The staff will use the schedule KP web-based system to view their schedule, swipe shifts, appointment or meeting reminders and notifications, etc.

Kaiser Permanente is a web-based application that empowers staff with self-service features. So, KP recommends its staff use the “KP schedule electronic system” anywhere and anytime.

KP Schedule Sign-In Page

Kaiser Permanente has a trustworthy KP schedule login page for their 235,785 employees (including 73,618 nurses and 24,605 physicians).

You need to log in to this system to access the internal resources. Unauthorized access is restricted. To log in at Kp My HR Connect, please visit the official login page.

What details are required for Kaiser Permanente Staffing & Scheduling login? User name, password, and domain. If you have these details, then follow the sign-in process.

KPSchedule Login Steps

STEP 1. Go to the KP Scheduling & Staffing sign-in page.

STEP 2. Enter your User Name and Password, and select the Domain.

KP Schedule
KP Schedule

STEP 3. At last, click on the Sign In button.

Employee ScheduleVisit Here
Official Website

Benefits of KP Staffing and Scheduling System

The KP staffing and scheduling system will automate various scheduling tasks online. Kaiser Permanente become a helpful web-based application for all the company staff and the company.

Are KP scheduling systems secure? Yes, you can log in to this system and access what you want. The website is safe from all access angles.

Let’s know how it’s also beneficial for staff and the company.

Employees Benefits

  • KP’s schedule and staffing system allows authorized users to manage their calendars.
  • Schedule their appointments online without any phone calls or emails.
  • Receive notifications or reminders regarding their meetings or appointments.
  • Check the schedule, request time off, swipe shifts, extra shifts, etc.
  • Easy to use, saves time, scheduling system produces digital records which is easy to view and download.

Company Benefits

  • The KPSchedule is an efficient and effective system that reduces the manual efforts of the HR team.
  • With the help of this system, KP saves time, money, and manpower.
  • It is a central platform for scheduling, staffing, and communication. So, old to new staff feel happy to sign in here for available scheduling reports.
  • It is a personal system. Only the KP staff can access this scheduling and staffing platform.
  • It reduces the risk of double booking and missed appointments.
  • Active staff can sign in to this scheduling system 24 hours and seven days.

What is Schedule360 KP Login?

Kaiser Permanente has another staff scheduling system called Schedule360. It is a Training and Support system. Authorization is required to access resources from here.

What you access from here:

  • The Mobile training
  • KP – Rad Training
  • KP – AACC Training
  • KP – Global Training
  • KP – Lab Training.

How do I log in to the Schedule360 KP page?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the LOGIN button.
  3. Now, a sign-in pop-up box will appear on your system screen.
  4. Enter your Username and Password and Hit the Sign in button.

Schedule360 Mobile Login

The process is the same for Schedule360 KP login and mobile login. Go to the login page, click on the “MOBILE LOGIN” button, and a QGenda solution page will appear on your screen. Click on the MOBILE LOGIN button again. In the next step, enter your username and password, and hit the Sign In button.


I’ve forgotten my KP schedule login password, how to reset it?

Staff have no permission to reset their passwords. There is only one reason why I am saying this: There is no “Forgot Password?” link or button on the login page. In this situation, contact the administrator, your manager, the HR team, or the IT helpdesk.

I have forgotten my KP staffing and scheduling account username, How to request to recover it?

I don’t know how. But if it were in the hands of the users, a link or button would appear on the login page. No request form or link is found on the login page, which can help remind you of your user name.


How do I view my KP schedule report? It is available on Kaiser Permanente’s centricity staffing and scheduling system. Sign in now to manage your schedule account. Login is easy for the authorized staff, if it’s your first time logging in to the website then follow the above login instructions.

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